Who won the first FA Cup Final at Millennium Stadium?

Who won the first FA Cup Final at Millennium Stadium?

Bolton Wanderers
The first final at Wembley, in which Bolton Wanderers beat West Ham United 2–0, had an official attendance of 126,047, although the actual figure is believed to be as much as 300,000.

In what year was the FA Cup first played at Wembley Stadium?

FA Cup Medal The Empire Stadium, more commonly known as the original Wembley, was opened on 24th April 1923. Just 4 days later the first match was played there – The 1923 FA Cup Final. Uncle of Bryn Hughes, Richard Richards played in the game for West Ham against Bolton Wanderers.

Where was the first FA Cup Final played?

Kennington Oval, London
1872 FA Cup Final

Event 1871–72 FA Cup
Wanderers Royal Engineers 1 0
Date 16 March 1872
Venue Kennington Oval, London
Referee Alfred Stair (Upton Park)

Who played in the 1923 FA Cup Final?

The 1923 FA Cup Final was an association football match between Bolton Wanderers and West Ham United on 28 April 1923 at the original Wembley Stadium in London.

How many FA Cup finals were held at the Millennium Stadium?

Six FA Cup finals
Six FA Cup finals were played at the Millennium Stadium.

What year was the 1st FA Cup final?

November 11, 1871FA Cup / First event date

What was the first game played at Wembley Stadium?

The first official match involving professional players was England U21s vs Italy U21s on 24 March 2007, which finished 3–3. Official attendance was 55,700 (although all of the 60,000 tickets that were made available were sold in advance).

What year was the first FA Cup played?

The inaugural FA Cup tournament kicked off in November 1871. Four first-round matches were the first FA Cup games ever played – on 11 November 1871. The first Cup goal was scored by Clapham Rovers player Jarvis Kenrick in a 3–0 win over Upton Park (Kenrick scoring twice in the process).

Who won the first FA Cup at the new Wembley?

It was the 126th FA Cup Final and the first to be played at the new Wembley Stadium. Chelsea beat Manchester United 1-0 thanks to an extra-time goal from Didier Drogba, completing a domestic cup double for the Blues in the 2006–07 season, as they had already won the League Cup Final in February.

When was the original Wembley built?

April 28, 1923Wembley Stadium / Opened

What was the first game in the Millennium Stadium?

The Millennium Stadium opened in June 1999 and its first major event was an international rugby union match on 26 June 1999, when Wales beat South Africa in a test match by 29–19 before a crowd of 29,000.

Which team in England has won the FA Cup most?

Liverpool won the FA Cup on Saturday to extend their lead as England’s most trophy-laden team.

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