Who would buy Confederate money?

Who would buy Confederate money?

Bills issued earlier in the war said right on them, “Six months after the ratification of a treaty of peace between the Confederate States and the United States, the Confederate States of America will pay” the bill’s amount to the person holding it.

How do you authenticate Confederate money?

Most real CSA currency contains writing – most bills have hand written numbering and signatures — in iron gall ink. Some denominations used a stamp for numbering but at the very least the treasurer had to sign the note.

Who can appraise Confederate money?

As a certified currency dealer, the knowledgeable currency buyers at PGS Gold & Coin will verify the authenticity of your Confederate bills & other old paper money, evaluate the condition of each currency note, and provide you with an honest & accurate currency appraisal.

What can you do with Confederate money?

Confederate dollars are not accepted as legal tender anywhere. However, for collectors and dealers of obsolete currency, Confederate dollars are valuable as collectible items.

How much is a 1864 Confederate $50 bill worth?

The value of an antique Confederate 50-dollar bills varies mainly according to the printing from which it hails. The 1864 printing was the largest, and thus, notes from that printing are the most common and the least valuable, often selling on eBay for less than $10.

How much is a Confederate $20 bill worth?

The 1861 and 1864 Confederate $20 bill worth are determined by the condition of the bill’s paper. Fair to good condition pieces can be found on eBay and are valued at approximately under $100. However, 1861 Confederate $20 bills in excellent condition can go for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Where can I get old money appraised?

You might also want to try the Professional Numismatists Guild’s Dealer Directory, or the Professional Currency Dealer Association. If you want someone to appraise your paper money, the Society of Paper Money Collectors recommends that you visit a professional currency dealer.

How do you sell old money?

An easy way of selling old notes and currencies is through the popular website eBay. The platform allows an individual to sell and buy unique currency notes and coins. Even though there are many other platforms for such purposes, eBay is trusted most by the buyers and the sellers.

How much is a 1864 $50 bill worth?

Can you spend Confederate money?