Why are PC12 cells used?

Why are PC12 cells used?

Widespread use of PC12 cells is to study the neurotoxic activity of various substances, for example, by assessment of the effect on cell survival, neurite outgrowth, DNA damage or protein expression levels. However, this cell line is also widely used as a model for neurodegenerative diseases.

Why do PC12 cells need horse serum?

It is currently unclear what role the horse serum plays in PC12 cell culture, but given that PC12s are progenitor cells and can differentiate along both chromaffin and sympathetic neuronal lineages [1], horse serum may preserve the progenitor status of these cells.

Where are PC12 cells?

PC12 is a cell line derived from a pheochromocytoma of the rat adrenal medulla, that have an embryonic origin from the neural crest that has a mixture of neuroblastic cells and eosinophilic cells.

What is the best suitable method in Subculturing of cells?

The most common method to prepare cells for subculture is by breaking the intercellular and cell-to-substrate connections with proteolytic enzymes like trypsin. Trypsin in combination with Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) causes cells to detach from the growth surface.

How are CHO cells obtained?

The CHO and CHO-K1 cell lines can be obtained from a number of biological resource centres such as the European Collection of Cell Cultures, which is part of the Health Protection Agency Culture Collections.

What is cell Subculturing?

Subculturing, also referred to as passaging cells, is the removal of the medium and transfer of cells from a previous culture into fresh growth medium, a procedure that enables the further propagation of the cell line or cell strain.

What media do you use to culture PC12 cells?

PC12 cells are grown in RPMI medium supplemented with 10% heat-inactivated horse serum, 5% fetal calf serum, 50 units/ml penicillin, and 0.05 mg/ml streptomycin. Poly-l -lysine-coated flasks or Petri dishes are used for cell culture.

Why are PC12 cells so popular?

The popularity of PC12 cells is mainly due to their extreme versatility for pharmacological manipulation, ease of culture and a large amount of background knowledge on their proliferation and differentiation. PC12 cells grown under normal conditions are characterised by morphology, physiology, and biochemistry of the adrenal cells.

How to modify the culture vessel surface for PC12 ADH cells?

Collagen coating was the best and most universal type of modification of the culture vessel surface for PC12 cells. This method was optimal for both cell lines. For PC12 Adh cells, the use of poly-d-lysine coating was equally effective.

Why is it necessary to modify the surface of PC12 cells?

PC12 cells grown in suspension tend to aggregate and adhere poorly to non-coated surfaces. Therefore, it is necessary to modify the surface of culture vessels.

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