Why are they called Grom?

Why are they called Grom?

The word comes from the world of waves and riptides; ‘grom’ is used to refer to a young surfer who’s going far and aiming to turn pro. The story goes that Honda America would have had a trademark infringement if it had called Honda’s new bike ‘MSX125’.

What is a grom mom?

Baby goods/kids goods. GROM: /ˈɡräm/ Short for Grommet, Slang for Surfer Kiddo. Mom of a Grom is the perfect online clothing boutique for your beach loving kiddos.

Why do surfers call kids grommets?

Grommet (also Grom, Gremmie, Grem) appears to derive from the term Gremlin: Grommet: A grommet (grom) is a young participant in extreme sports. Originally, a grommet was a surfer under the age of 16.

Where does the word grommet come from?

grommet (n.) also gromet, grummet, 1620s, “ring or wreath of rope,” from obsolete French gromette “curb of a bridle” (Modern French gourmette), from gourmer “to curb,” of uncertain origin. Extended sense of “metal eyelet” first recorded 1769.

How much is a Grom?

$3,399Honda Grom / MSRP

The 2020 Honda Grom comes in two trims and four paint schemes. The non-ABS Honda Grom has an MSRP of $3,399, while the ABS version has an MSRP of $3,599.

Is Grom a Scrabble word?

No, grom is not in the scrabble dictionary.

How much is a grom?

What is a grom skier?

Grom (grommet): This word started out meaning a young surfer. Skiers and snowboarders liked it so much that now it also means a youngling on skis or a board. If you’re a brave ski mom or dad, your offspring are probably groms.

What is a grom kid?

Grommet is frequently abbreviated to grom and refers to a young participant under the age of around 18 that participates in the sport of surfing. The first use of the word in any printed form appears in an article by Nicholas Tomalin in 1964.

What is a kook in surfing?

Kook, noun. Pronunciation: kük : An individual with no understanding of the social and sartorial norms of surfing. In the water, a kook’s cluelessness can aggravate or endanger other surfers; on occasion, kooks can even be recognized solely by the faux pas they commit out of the ocean.

Is grommet an insult?

‘Grommet’ meaning Someone who is new to surfing {usually a child}.

How big is a Grom?

69.2 in.
2022 Honda Grom Specifications

2022 Honda Grom Specifications
Model Grom ABS
Length 69.2 in.
Width 28.4 in.
Height 40.0 in.