Why did The Little Couple stop airing?

Why did The Little Couple stop airing?

It is a major possibility that the 2020 coronavirus pandemic may have impacted the show’s filming and halted production.

Is The Little Couple Still?

Are The Little Couple stars Jen Arnold and Bill Klein still together? Despite any speculation that they may have split amid Jen’s new job in Boston, the two are still married and going strong.

Will The Little Couple be returning?

In May 2021, Jen exclusively told In Touch that she’s “guessing” the show won’t come back for another season. “The network has sort of said that they’re good for now. Our contracts were up at the beginning of the pandemic, and we talked about going back and forth about starting again,” she said.

Where are The Little Couple now?

Around that time, the lovebirds relocated from Houston, Texas, to St. Petersburg, Florida, and moved into a new abode. They later relocated to Boston in early 2022. “Thankfully, our kids are very easygoing and very happy, and they just seem to get enthusiastic about everything that’s new,” Jen said on the show.

Will there be a season 14 of The Little Couple?

The Little Couple: Season 14 (2019)

Where is Jen and Bill now?

In a February 2021 update, Jen revealed that she and Bill “have indeed moved to Boston” and were “thankful that the move has gone well, and we’re excited about new schools, and new jobs, and just a whole new town in this adventure.”

What is Dr Jen Arnold doing now?

An incredible opportunity! The Little Couple star Dr. Jen Arnold details her rewarding career at the Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard University in an exclusive video interview with In Touch. The accomplished neonatologist, 48, is the program director for the facility’s simulation program.

Where is little couple now?

Where do Bill and Jen from The Little Couple live?

THE LITTLE Couple stars Dr. Jen Arnold and her husband, Bill Klein, have sold their massive Florida mansion featuring an elevator and spa for $3.6million. Jen, 47, Bill, 47, and their children William, 11, and Zoey, 10, have moved from Florida to Boston for her new job.

Where do The Little Couple live now?

Are Bill and Jen Ayden still together?

Despite all the ups and downs that Jennifer and Bill went through, the couple are now still together as husband and wife. The rest of the duo’s story will unfold on season 12 of the show, airing Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

How is The Little Couple doing today?