Why do Orthodox touch the floor?

Why do Orthodox touch the floor?

A bow in the Eastern Orthodox Church consists of a person making the sign of the cross and then bowing from the waist and touching the floor with their fingers. This action is done extensively throughout all Orthodox services and is a fundamental way that the Orthodox express their reverence and subservience to God.

What is Economia in Orthodox Church?

In short, economia is a discretionary deviation from the letter of the law in order to adhere to the spirit of the law and charity. This is in contrast to legalism, or akribia (Greek: ακριβεια), which is strict adherence to the letter of the law of the church.

Why do Orthodox wear robes?

The liturgical priest robes are often worn on top of cassocks during the various celebrations to symbolize spiritual cleanliness. Liturgical vestments are much grander and orient in design than cassocks, with various colour schemes depicted, depending on the celebration.

What oikonomia means?

household management
the term oikonomia referred to “household management” and while this was in some. loose way linked to the idea of budgeting, it has little or no relevance to contempo- rary. economics. This article introduces in more detail what the ancient Greek philoso-

What does Economia mean in Greek?

Nearly every economist has at some point in the standard coursework been exposed to a brief explanation that the origin of the word “economy” can be traced back to the Greek word oikonomia, which in turn is composed of two words: oikos, which is usually translated as “household”; and nemein, which is best translated as …

Who wears black cassocks?

The cassock or soutane is a Christian clerical clothing coat used by the clergy of the Oriental Orthodox Church, Eastern Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church, in addition to certain Protestant denominations such as Anglicans and Lutherans.

What does a Subdeacon wear?

The usual street-wear of the subdeacon is the cassock. (There is no distinction between an inner and outer cassock in the Western Rite, and all clergy wear one cassock only). During liturgies, the subdeacon vests in an alb, over which he wears the maniple, the cincture, and the tunicle.

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