Why does Lil Wayne have weird voice?

Why does Lil Wayne have weird voice?

I always thought it was solely because of his rapping abilities and creativity, but now I realize it was in part because of his voice. His voice was deeper, much deeper, and he had both a southern drawl and a syrup induced slur.

Does Lil Wayne use autotune?

Although he sounds hoarse in upbeat songs, Wayne uses Auto-Tune to add emotion for meaningful and mellower songs like “How To Love”.

Why do rappers use autotune?

Why do rappers use so much autotune? Rappers often heavily use autotune because it has the ability to make a song different and create an almost artificial sounding vocal performance that appeals to many fans and artists alike. This gives the artists the chance to experiment with different sounds.

Why does Lil Wayne have a teardrop tattoo?

It can acknowledge the loss of a friend or family member: North American rappers The Game and Lil Wayne have teardrop tattoos signifying the death of friends and basketball player Amar’e Stoudemire has had a teardrop tattoo since 2012 honoring his older brother Hazell Jr., who died in a car accident.

Who used Auto-Tune first?

Dr. Andy Hildebrand is the inventor of the voice pitch-correcting software called Auto-Tune. The first song published using Auto-Tune on the vocals was the 1998 song “Believe” by Cher.

Does Lil Uzi use auto-tune?

All audio vocal tracks apart from the intro have Antares Auto-Tune as the first plug-in. Uzi hears his Auto-Tuned vocals in his headphones while singing. We used to just have it on default, with a Retune speed of 20, but lately he has been like: ‘Give me more Auto-Tune!

Do rappers rap in a key?

Actual rapping is normally not in any key, and some rap and hip hop has no singing in it. For some rap and hip-hop, the versus are not sung on any specific pitch but the chorus is. Two things that make hip hop and rap vocals unique are: The prevalence of obvious “auto-tune” or pitch correction on sung parts.

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