Why does Screen Junkies only make Honest Trailers now?

Why does Screen Junkies only make Honest Trailers now?

Dan noted that it wasn’t feasible to put personality-driven programming on the main Screen Junkies channel because many subscribers are only there for Honest Trailers.

What happened to honest game trailers?

Honest Game Trailers used to be published on the Smosh Games channel, but since June 2019 (starting with Anthem) is published on the Fandom Games channel.

How does Honest Trailers make money?

“Honest Trailers” is an Emmy-nominated YouTube series that lovingly skewers movies and TV shows by pointing out their flaws in mock trailers. The series and four other shows have brought in millions of dollars in revenue from advertising, licensing and syndication thanks to their popularity.

How does Honest Trailers avoid copyright?

After every new episode of “Honest Trailers,” they upload a commentary video on it as well. While they aren’t commentating on the movie itself, they’re commentating on the copyrighted material used in the video. A lot of film commentary videos fall under fair use.

What is honest game trailers?

Honest Game Trailers is a weekly comedy web series that humorously reviews games. It is a spinoff of the original Honest Trailers series. Like Honest Trailers, Honest Game Trailers is narrated primarily by Jon Bailey. The first episode was Mario Kart, published on March 8, 2014.

What is the Cuphead honest game trailer?

Unlike most Honest Trailers which mimic the voice over style of trailers from the 1980’s and 1990’s, the Cuphead Honest Game Trailer parodied an even earlier style of narration, that of old-fashioned American radio announcers.

How many honest game trailers about consoles have been produced?

So far, four Honest Game Trailers about consoles have been produced: Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation VR and Nintendo 64. These videos highlight the technical developments of the console, summarize an entire generation of video games, and discuss the cultural significance of that console. April Fool’s Day joke about a non-existent game.

Is honest game trailers similar to Mario Kart?

Honest Game Trailers uses a similar format to the original series Honest Trailers. In their write-up on the Mario Kart video, Tubefilter noted that, ” Honest Game Trailers uses the exact same formula as Screen Junkies’ smash hit. It features a deep-voiced narrator who purports to “sell” the games in question but only points out their flaws….

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