Why is the trefoil the symbol of Girl Scouts?

Why is the trefoil the symbol of Girl Scouts?

GIRL SCOUT TREFOIL “Trefoil” means three leaves. Each leaf in the traditional or contemporary Girl Scout trefoil stands for a part of the Girl Scout Promise – 1) to serve God and my country, 2) to help people at all times, and 3) to live by the Girl Scout Law.

Who is the first Girl Scout?

Juliette Gordon Low
Founding the Girl Scouts of the USA On March 12, 1912 Juliette Gordon Low registered eighteen girls into the United States first troop of Girl Guides. After establishing the first troop in Savannah, Juliette left them in the capable hands of her cousin Miss Pape.

Was Celine Dion a Girl Scout?

And she’s only 25! Music superstar Dion may be a Canadian but she’s still a USA Girl Scout. The former Secretary of State is a Girl Scout alum, showing just how far the young women who partake in the program can go.

Who designed the trefoil?

Juliette Gordon Low patented the design for the original three-leafed Trefoil membership pin on February 10, 1914. The three leaves stand for the three parts of the Girl Scout Promise and the design contains the traditional American symbols of an eagle, a shield, a shaft of arrows, and an olive branch.

What were Girl Scouts originally called?

In 1912 Juliette Gordon Low founded a Girl Guide organization in the United States, and its name was later changed to Girl Scouts of the United States of America.

Who was the first black Girl Scout?

Josephine Holloway
The first all-Black Girl Scout troops were established as early as 1917. In 1924, three full decades before U.S. public schools were desegregated, Josephine Holloway became the first Black Girl Scout troop leader.

Was Venus Williams a Girl Scout?

Venus Williams and Serena Williams Both of the tennis pros are among the most notable former Girl Scouts. Venus was a Scout for a brief period in her youth and even served as a keynote speaker at the organization’s 100th anniversary celebration in Dallas in 2011.

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