Are Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier friends now?

Are Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier friends now?

Even though Daniel Cormier will never be friends with bitter rival Jon Jones, the former UFC two-division champion is concerned about him and his family following his most recent run-in with the law. Jones, 34, was arrested Sept.

Who won Cormier vs Jones 1?

champion Jon Jones
UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones (21-1) is the best fighter in the world. If that was a controversial statement before he dispatched undefeated Olympian Daniel Cormier (15-1) by unanimous decision at UFC 182 on Saturday night at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, it’s surely a given afterward.

How many times Jon Jones fight Daniel Cormier?

Jones and Cormier have fought twice, with Jones taking the first fight at UFC 182 in a unanimous decision victory. The second fight happened at UFC 214 in 2017. This time the contest ended in a split decision.

What happened to Jon Jones vs Cormier?

Jones landed a potent kick to Daniel Cormier’s head, which stunned him. Unable to defend himself from Jones’ strikes, Cormier was knocked out in the third round. The decision has since been overturned to a no-contest after Jones tested positive for a turinabol metabolite and Daniel Cormier was reinstalled as champion.

Who Won Jon Jones vs Cormier 2?

Jon Jones
Winner: Jon Jones. Wow. In a superb fight, Jones and Cormier both had their moments. After the fight, it was an emotional scene that MMA fans might remember for almost as long as the fight itself.

Who Won Jon Jones vs Cormier 3?

Jon Jones won both of his fights against Cormier, winning the first via unanimous decision and the second via KO in the third round. Both the fights were also filled with post-fight drug positives.

What is Jon Jones biggest payday?

Jon Jones’ most lucrative fight to date was the rematch with Daniel Cormier at UFC 214, which ended as a no-contest. Bones allegedly received $580,000 for that fight.

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