Does Oculus work with SOLIDWORKS?

Does Oculus work with SOLIDWORKS?

Demo3DVR for SOLIDWORKS enables users to view their CAD in virtual reality headsets including the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift at the touch of a button. Now users can verify the work they’ve done or present it to their colleagues or clients in an immersive virtual world.

How do I use VR in SOLIDWORKS?

Open the SOLIDWORKS assembly in VR, adjust scene settings and put on a headset to jump right into your design. Clicking on the controller will teleport you from one location to another. This makes navigating through your design easy and fast.

How do I view a VR model in SOLIDWORKS?

To open models in VR:

  1. Set up an HTC VIVE™ or VIVE Pro™ headset with Valve SteamVR™.
  2. Click File > Open in VR.
  3. In the dialog box, select a part (. SLDPRT) or assembly (. SLDASM) and click OK.
  4. Click Play to view the model in the headset.

Can you use CAD in VR?

CAD-to-VR for Autodesk® Inventor® is a technology demonstration developed to enable viewing Inventor models in VR using just a web browser. Using CAD-to-VR for Inventor, you can: Obtain models and their data from Inventor and open them in a web browser. Change model transformation and light settings.

What is Keyshot VR?

KeyVR Connect provides users the ability to engage together, from around the world, in the same virtual space, at the same time, leading to enhanced communication and increased time for collaborative design exploration.

What is SOLIDWORKS extended reality?

Welcome to SOLIDWORKS Extended Reality (XR) – a method to publish your CAD data and bring it to life, virtually. Publishing your SOLIDWORKS file to XR will retain important scene data you’ve created within SOLIDWORKS such as: Geometry & Scene Hierarchy. Appearances/Materials and textures/Decals.

How do I view 3D models in VR?

How to view the 3D models. To view the models in VR, you will need to sideload them into your Quest, Quest 2, or Oculus Go (see instructions below). Once installed, you can view them on your Quest or Quest 2 by going to your Library and selecting Unknown Sources. The 3D models you installed will be listed there.

How do I add KeyShot to Solidworks?


  1. After downloading, double-click the installer (.exe) file. Follow the prompts and click Finish.
  3. Go to Tools, Add-ins, Other Add-ins.
  4. Enable Active Add-ins for KeyShot.
  5. Enable Start-up for KeyShot.
  6. Click OK.

How do I use VR in blender?

Open Blender and go to Preferences then the Add-ons tab. Click 3D View then VR Scene Inspection to enable the script.

Is SOLIDWORKS visualize free?

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard comes complimentary with every license of SOLIDWORKS Professional and SOLIDWORKS Premium that is purchased with Subscription. This complimentary seat of SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard can be given to anyone in your company!