How do I get to dark coffer room BRD?

How do I get to dark coffer room BRD?

You may notice there is a Dark Coffer straight ahead, but this cannot be opened until you get the key. To do this, back up into the room before the safe room and look on the left wall. You have to inspect the poster and it will tell you where the guard with the key is in the instance.

How do you open a dark coffer?

The Dark Coffer Loot Once you have killed the Keeper, loot the Key and return to the Coffer Room to open the Dark Coffer.

How many dark coffer keys do you need?

12 Relic Coffer Keys
You need 12 Relic Coffer Keys to open all the coffer doors to spawn Watchman Doomgrip for the quest The Heart of the Mountain. Once you have defeated Doomgrip, the quest item Heart of the Mountain spawns in the back of the Vault.

Where do I get the Grim Guzzler key?

Source. The key is carried by Plugger Spazzring. It can only be attained by pickpocketing him, and does not drop from his corpse.

How do I get coffer keys?

This is a good strat if you want to guarantee opening all the coffers in one run:

  1. Kill the dwarves just outside the instance until you get 12 keys.
  2. Go inside BRD and take the mole machine to ‘Into the Domicile’.
  3. Clear to the coffer room.
  4. Open and loot all of the coffers.
  5. Kill boss (or not).
  6. Run out or die and reset.

Where do you hand in dark iron residue?

Dark Iron residue is used to increase your reputation from friendly to honored with the thorium brotherhood in a repeatable quest, see below. U do this at the same place you do the repeatable quest to become friendly with the thorium brotherhood. This is done at Master Smith Burninate at Thorium Point.

How do you get to the grim guzzler in Blackrock Depths?

The Rear Door At the rear of the upper level of the bar there is a door that leads to other parts of the Blackrock Depths. Plugger Spazzring holds the [Grim Guzzler Key] which opens this door.

How do you open the door in grim guzzler?

There was a quest before Patch 4.0.3a to have Mistress Nagmara open the door:

  1. Completing the. [54D] The Love Potion quest from Mistress Nagmara.
  2. Speak to Mistress Nagmara and she will then open the door to meet with Private Rocknot in private.
  3. Go through the door.

How do I grind Thorium Brotherhood rep?

You will start to quest at the Thorium Advance at the eastern part of the zone, advance to Thorium Point, and at the end reach the Iron Summit. The main way to gain reputation for the Thorium Brotherhood, however, is to bring materials for the repeatable quests offered by the faction’s members.