How do you shoot like Henri Cartier-Bresson?

How do you shoot like Henri Cartier-Bresson?

How to Shoot Candid Moments Like Cartier-Bresson

  1. BE PATIENT. An early flâneur with a camera, Cartier-Bresson roamed the streets in search of the decisive moment.
  2. STAY LOW-KEY. Across most of Cartier-Bresson’s photographs, there’s an evocative sense of quiet observation.

Where did Henri Cartier-Bresson shoot geographically?

In 1963 he photographed in Cuba; in 1963–64, in Mexico; and in 1965, in India. The French filmmaker Louis Malle recalled that, during the student revolt in Paris in May 1968, Cartier-Bresson appeared with his 35-mm camera and, despite the explosive activities, took photographs at the rate of only about four per hour.

What is Henri Cartier-Bresson style of photography?

His technique: Henri Cartier-Bresson almost exclusively used Leica 35 mm rangefinder cameras equipped with normal 50 mm lenses or occasionally a wide-angle for landscapes. He often wrapped black tape around the camera’s chrome body to make it less conspicuous.

Why did Cartier-Bresson use a 50mm lens?

In an interview with the New York Times, Cartier-Bresson revealed that the 50mm lens was the widest lens that allowed him to capture images without the distortion he disliked when using 35mm lenses.

What shutter speed did Cartier-Bresson use?

1/125 s
Henri Cartier-Bresson used a 35mm Leica rangefinder camera with a 50mm lens. He shot everything in black and white with Kodak Tri-X ISO 400 film. He would normally set the shutter speed to 1/125 s and adjust the aperture based on the lighting conditions.

What aperture did Henri Cartier-Bresson use?

His special ability was to use a 50mm lens but allow the photo to “breathe” almost as if shot with a 35mm.

What focal length did Bresson use?

Photographic icon Henri Cartier-Bresson was known for using only one camera, a Leica rangefinder, and one lens, a 50mm, for almost all of his life’s work.

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