How do you size a blouse pattern?

How do you size a blouse pattern?

How to Grade

  1. Step 1: Determine how many sizes you need to go up or down.
  2. Step 2: On the pattern, draw a straight, guiding line to connect the “corner points”.
  3. Step 3: Measure the amount between sizes along each line.
  4. Step 4: Plot the next size (or next two sizes) using the measurements.

How can I get free sewing patterns?

13 Websites With Free Women’s Sewing Patterns (in PDF)

  1. Mood Fabrics.
  4. Peppermint Mag.
  5. Fibre Mood.
  6. BurdaStyle (Russia)
  7. Bernina.
  8. Lekala Patterns.

How do you sew a blouse?

Keep the blouse turned inside out and fold the bottom edge of the fabric over by about 1⁄2 inch (1.3 cm). Then, fold it again by the amount called for in your pattern. Straight stitch all the way around the bottom of the blouse to finish the hem. Repeat this for the sleeves and neckline.

What is a basic bodice pattern?

A basic bodice block is a great starting point for most patterns involving your top half – it can be used to make tops and dresses, and paired with a sleeve block can be used to make shirts, blazers, jackets and coats. Many patterns evolve from this block.

How do you size a pattern?

Measure the pattern / use the finished garment measurements. Measure the paper pattern in the same places you’ve measured your body measurements (bust, waist, hip) and subtract seam allowances to determine the ease or check the finished measurement chart if it’s included in your sewing pattern.

How do you draft a pattern?

7 Easy Tips for Drafting Your Own Sewing Patterns

  1. Start With a Skirt.
  2. Build a Sloper Library.
  3. Get the Right Tools.
  4. Feel Free to Skip the Software.
  5. Learn Pattern Grading.
  6. Take Ease Into Account.
  7. Join a Patternmaking Community.

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