How does Trichoderma reproduce?

How does Trichoderma reproduce?

Most Trichoderma strains have no sexual stage but instead produce only asexual spores. However, for a few strains the sexual stage is known, but not among strains that have usually been considered for biocontrol purposes. The sexual stage, when found, is within the Ascomycetes in the genus Hypocrea.

Does Trichoderma increase plant productivity?

At the same time, genus Trichoderma spp. has some advantage on soil microorganisms as reported by Cai et al. (2015), these fungi can also enhance plant growth by releasing hormone-like compounds that boost up the root development and plant growth.

How do you mass multiply Trichoderma?

Methodology. Take 200g of Rice/Wheat/Jower/Maize in the poly pack and add 200 ml of fresh water in the pack (if grains contain dust then wash it twice before adding fresh water). Place the plastic pipe/Bamboo in the middle of the plastic pack (opening end) in such a way that level of the pipe and plastic remain equal.

Where does Trichoderma grow?

Trichoderma is a genus of fungi that is present in most types of soils, where they are the most prevalent culturable fungi. Trichoderma spp. frequently are isolated from forest or agricultural soils and from wood. Some also have been found growing on other fungi.

How do you use Trichoderma harzianum?

Soil treatment: Mix 5 to 10 kg of Trichoderma [Powder formulation] 2 to 3 L [ Liquid formulation] in 100 kg of farmyard manure and cover it for 7 days with polythene. Mix the mixture in every 3-4 days interval before broadcasting in the field.

What is the importance of Trichoderma?

Trichoderma species promotes the growth of plants and limits the growth of plant pathogens. Trichoderma species are effective biofungicides, enzymatically degrading other fungi, producing anti-microbial compounds that kill pathogenic fungi, and outcompeting pathogenic fungi for space and nutrients.

Where is Trichoderma found in nature?

Trichoderma is a genus of asexually reproducing fungi that are often the most frequently isolated soil fungi; nearly all temperate and tropical soils contain 10. These fungi also colonize woody and herbaceous plant materials, in which the sexual TELEOMORPH (genus Hypocrea) has most often been found.

Can we spray Trichoderma on plants?

Foliar Application: Trichoderma 5 -10 gm/L [Powder formulation] 3 to 5 mL /L [ Liquid formulation] and spray on diseased plants on cooler hours.

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