How long do blend door actuators last?

How long do blend door actuators last?

There’s no telling how long a blend door actuator will last since carmakers don’t really specify their lifespan. However, it should last the car’s lifetime and it’s one of those car parts that rarely goes wrong.

How do I know if my blend door is broken?

The blend door actuator is part of your car that you probably don’t think about very often….Signs You Need A New Blend Door Actuator

  1. Knocking. Knocking sounds can almost always be attributed to a failing blend door actuator.
  2. Clicking.
  3. Any Other Strange Noises.
  4. Inconsistent Airflow.
  5. Inconsistent Temperature.
  6. Wrong Temperature.

How long does it take to replace a blend door?

Replacing the blend door actuator is actually a fairly simple process, and it should take no more than an hour. So the labor will cost you around $75 – $150 depending on labor rates at your local repair shop.

Why do blend door actuators fail?

Keep in mind that an obstruction in the blend door may cause the blend door actuator gears to fail. This is because the obstruction will prevent the blend door from moving and it will make the plastic gears inside grind harder and the teeth may break off.

How to fix blend doors?

How To Fix Blend Doors ~ Install a Heater Core and Reseal The HVAC Box. If your MK3 or MK4 has no heat, no AC, or the controls don’t work, it may be due to the blend doors. From the factory the belt door is covered in foam to soften the door close, and divert air in the proper direction. Over time the foam breaks down and blows out the vents.

How to replace heater blend door actuator?


  • 1/4″ socket
  • 3/8″ socket
  • Small pry bar
  • How do you replace a blend door actuator?

    – Figure 4. Release the dash handle tabs. – Figure 5. Remove the A pillar trim. – Figure 6. Pry off dashboard cover.

    How to replace blend door actuator?

    Blend Door Actuator Replacement Procedure. Once it’s determined that the actuator needs a replacement, the mechanic will open the cooling and heating system to gain access to the damaged blend door actuator. In most cars, the actuator can be easily accessed through the hood of the car. However, it’s not the same story in all the cars out there.

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