How many district courts are there in Oakland County?

How many district courts are there in Oakland County?

14 District Courts
There are 14 District Courts in Oakland County located throughout various cities such as Royal Oak, Novi, Bloomfield Hills and more.

Who are the Oakland County Circuit Court judges?

Civil / Criminal Judges

  • David M. Cohen.
  • Jeffery S. Matis.
  • Phyllis McMillen.
  • Daniel Patrick O’Brien.
  • Yasmine I. Poles [POH-lis]
  • Edward Sosnick.
  • Michael Warren​

Who is the Oakland County judge?

​Presiding Judge of the Civil/Criminal Division Phyllis McMillen was appointed Judge of the State of Michigan Sixth Circuit Court in August of 2010 and elected in 2012.

How many judges are on the Michigan district court?

276 district court judges
The Michigan District Courts are limited jurisdiction trial courts. There are 105 district courts in Michigan and distributed among those 105 courts there are 276 district court judges.

What federal district court is Michigan in?

The federal district courts in Michigan are the: United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan….Eastern District.

Judge Shalina Kumar
Appointed By Joe Biden (D)
Assumed Office December 21, 2021 –
Bachelors University of Michigan, 1993
Law University of Detroit, Mercy School of Law, 1996

What Federal Circuit is Michigan in?

The United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit has jurisdiction over federal appeals arising from the states of Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee.

How do I fill out a juror questionnaire in Oakland County?

Potential jurors who receive a summons for either the Oakland County Circuit Court , Oakland County Probate Court, or Oakland County District Courts are able to complete juror questionnaires online. In addition jurors can opt to receive communications about their service by email or text.

How do I contact 52-2 District Court?

If you have questions as to what format a case is proceeding and how to attend, please contact the court. 52-2 District Court will accept appearances by fax at 248-625-5602 or email. For criminal or traffic appearances email: [email protected].

Who is the judge in the O’Neal V Hartig case?

Although O’Neal’s beef as an employee was with Hartig, her lawsuit was filed against Clarkston District Judge Joseph Fabrizio. As chief judge of Oakland County’s 52nd District Court, Fabrizio is Hartig’s boss and was O’Neal’s as well.

Was Troy judge retaliated against and fired?

Troy — A former District Court administrator has filed a federal lawsuit against the court’s chief judge claiming she was retaliated against and fired after her complaints prompted a Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission probe into how another judge allegedly mistreated court staff and the public.