What do you call a desk with two sides?

What do you call a desk with two sides?

Corner Desk (Corner Workstation Desk) What it is: An L-shaped desk, or a desk with two sides that meet at an angle. Best for: Those who want a two-in-one design. (Corner desks usually provide double the writing surface space compared to a traditional desk design.)

What is a desk with drawers called?

The credenza desk is sometimes flat, like a pedestal desk, but more often than not it has a stack of shelves, small drawers and other nooks above its main working surface. The sum of these overhead amenities is usually called a hutch. Hence, the credenza desk is often called a “credenza with hutch”.

What does cantilever desk mean?

A cantilever office desk is held by 2 L-shaped legs instead of a classic 4-leg structure. It not only introduces a whole-new aesthetics of an office desk but also has certain practical benefits.

What is difference between desk and credenza?

The difference between a desk and a credenza is that a desk is a piece of furniture with a table-style work surface and tall legs used for academic, professional or domestic activities, and credenza is a short and long table with low cabinets on slender legs, often with sliding doors for concealing the items inside the …

What is the difference between a right and left return desk?

A right or left return is determined by where the return is positioned in relation to your body while you are seated at the main desk. In other words, when you are seated at the main desk, a left return will be at your left side and a right return will be at your right.

What is a return desk?

Put simply, a desk return refers to the u-shaped or l-shaped desk that attaches to the main desk. You may have heard someone reference a “left” or “right” return and wondered what they were talking about. A left or right return is determined solely on its location in relation to the main desk.

What is a wave desk?

Wave desks are desks that have a curved front so that the desktop is deeper on one end than the other. This allows for larger equipment to fit on the wider end of the desk. They can also provide extra support for your favoured hand while using a mouse.

How do I choose an office desk?

5 Factors to Consider When Buying an Office Desk

  1. Available space. How big is the space available to place the desk and the chair?
  2. Adjustability. Most people spend at least 8 hours behind their desk working.
  3. Storage. No matter how big or small your desk is, it needs to have storage.
  4. Quality.
  5. Surface area.

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