How many levels are there in Earth Defense Force 2017?

How many levels are there in Earth Defense Force 2017?

53 levels
Earth Defense Force 2017 is essentially a remake of Monster Attack with the same general plot events spread over about twice as many levels. There are a total of 53 levels to choose from, and they can be played on 5 difficulties (Easy, Normal, Hard, Hardest, and Inferno).

How many missions are in Earth Defense Force?

There are 89 missions in in singleplayer with 98 online, with the full online level count increased to 147 with DLC.

How many Earth Defense games are there?

Despite generally mixed reviews, the Earth Defense Force series, particularly from Earth Defense Force 2017 and onwards, has been described as having a cult following….Reception.

Game Metacritic
Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon (PC) 69 (Xbox 360) 68 (PS3) 63
Earth Defense Force 2025 (PS3) 69 (Xbox 360) 68

How many missions does EDF 5 have?

110 missions
The single player campaign features 110 missions, the highest number of any EDF game to date (not counting DLC).

How long is Earth Defense Force?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 26 28h 09m
Main + Extras 8 40h 45m
Completionists 1 400h
All PlayStyles 35 41h 39m

How many Iron Rain missions are there?

52 total
In addition to a campaign consisting of 52 total missions, Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain includes multiple online game modes.

How do EDF helicopters fly?

To summarize, though, it’s L2/Space to build up power and ascend, and then release the control to descend. R2/Left mouse button to fire the main weapon (machine guns/lasers), and R1/Right mouse button to fire the secondary weapon (missiles/bombs).

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