How much does a money order cost at Krogers?

How much does a money order cost at Krogers?

A cashier’s check usually costs up to $10 to use. But with your Shopper’s Card at Kroger Family of Stores, money order fees typically start at just $0.69[1]. While there is a limit on the amount you can put on each money order, there is the option to purchase more than one.

Does Kroger still sell money orders?

You can purchase a money order from the Money Services location in your local Kroger Family of Stores, where you can benefit from extended opening hours throughout the week.

How do I use a Kroger money order?

How to fill out a money order

  1. Find your nearest location.
  2. Bring ID and cash to cover the money order and fee.
  3. On the money order form, write the payee name.
  4. Fill out your details.
  5. Sign and deliver your money order.
  6. Keep your receipt.

How late can you get a money order at Kroger?

We are generally open from 8am-8pm, but operating hours may vary depending on your location. Visit your local Money Services with your check, and we can help you cash it – making funds available to you quickly so that you can continue with the rest of your day.

Can I buy a money order with a credit card?

The only places that let you buy a money order with a credit card are 7-Eleven stores and Western Union. If you plan to charge a money order, be aware that your credit card company may consider a money order purchase to be a cash advance, which has some significant downsides.

Can you pay for a money order with a debit card?

You can use cash or a debit card to buy money orders at the post office, Walmart, Western Union and your bank or credit union.

Can you buy money order with debit card at Kroger?

You can cash a check, get cash back off a debit card, buy a money order, pay bills and send or pick up money at Kroger Money Services.

Do you need cash for a money order?

You can send up to $1,000 in a single order anywhere in the United States. Go to any Post Office location. Take cash, a debit card, or a traveler’s check. You cannot pay with a credit card.

Can I buy a money order at CVS?

CVS issues money orders at their over 9,900 locations. CVS uses MoneyGram money orders, a provider of money transfers and payment services. CVS sells money orders for $1.25 with a maximum amount per money order of $500.

Can I use a credit card to get a money order Kroger?

Yes, you can buy a money order with a credit card from places like Western Union and 7-11….Where You Can Buy a Money Order With a Credit Card.

Company Accepts Credit Cards? Accepts Debit Cards?
K-Mart (uses WesternUnion) YES YES
Kroger NO YES
Publix NO YES