Is OUE Commercial REIT a good buy?

Is OUE Commercial REIT a good buy?

The Final Verdict. OUE Commercial REIT has a final score of 6/10. The REIT certainly seems cheap since its PB ratio is below 1x and distribution yield is around 9%.

Is Oue a REIT?

OUE Commercial REIT With an aggregate net lettable area of more than 2.0 million sq ft of commercial 1 space, and 1,640 upscale hotel rooms, its total asset size is approximately S$6.9 billion.

Who owns OUE REIT?

OUE Limited
OUE C-REIT is managed by OUE Commercial REIT Management Pte. Ltd. (the “Manager”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of OUE Limited (the “Sponsor”).

Who owns Sabana REIT?

Mr Chan’s deemed interest in 10,349 Sabana REIT units is held through Oakgrove Pte Ltd, an investment holding entity which is owned by Mr Chan and his wife in the shareholding percentages of 65.28% and 34.72% respectively.

Who owns OUE Limited?

OUE Realty Pte. LtdOUE / Parent organization

What does Oue mean?


Acronym Definition
OUE Office of Undergraduate Education (various universities)
OUE Operational User Evaluation
OUE Operational Utility Evaluation
OUE Organizations United for the Environment

Who is Dr Stephen Riady?

Dr Riady was appointed as Executive Chairman of OUE Limited on 9 March 2010. He has been serving as Executive Director of OUE Limited since 30 November 2006, and as the Group Chief Executive Officer (in an expansion of his role as Executive Chairman) on 1 January 2020.

What does Oue stand for?

Who owns OUE Downtown?

Overseas Union Enterprise
OUE Downtown

OUE Downtown Towers
Completed Tower 1: 1975 Tower 2: 1994
Cost $24.5 million
Owner Overseas Union Enterprise

Who owns OUE Ltd?

What is OUE Singapore?

OUE Limited (SGX:LJ3) is a leading pan-Asian, full service real estate development, investment and management company with assets across the commercial, hospitality, retail, residential and healthcare sectors.