Is tristearin a triglyceride?

Is tristearin a triglyceride?

The structure of tristearin is depicted as a triglyceride with three molecules of stearic acid connected to a glycerol molecule by means of ester linkages. Note that three long-chain fatty acid molecules are bound with one molecule of glycerol.

Is tristearin a lipid?

The lipid core typically consists of triglycerides (e.g., tristearin), diglycerides (e.g., glyceryl behenate), monoglycerides (e.g., glycerol monostearate), fatty acids (e.g., stearic acid), steroids (e.g., cholesterol), or waxes (e.g., cetyl palmitate) (Fonseca-Santos et al., 2015).

What is the major source of tristearin?

Tristearin is a natural product found in Lysiphlebia japonica, Aphis forbesi, and other organisms with data available.

What is the function of tristearin?

Triglycerides. Triglycerides, along with fatty acids, circulate in the blood and provide an energy source to the heart and skeletal muscles as well as other tissues. An example of a triglyceride known as tristearin contains three molecules of stearic acid.

Where can tristearin be found?

1,2,3-Tristearoyl glycerol is a triacylglycerol that contains stearic acid (Cay-10011298) at the sn-1, sn-2, and sn-3 positions. It has been found in beef fat and fully hydrogenated soybean, rapeseed, cottonseed, and palm oils.

Is tristearin toxic?

The product is not classified as toxic. Not classified as an acutely toxic substance. The product is not classified as harmful to health.

Is tristearin a oil?

Stearin /ˈstɪərɪn/, or tristearin, or glyceryl tristearate is an odourless, white powder. It is a triglyceride derived from three units of stearic acid….Stearin.

Other names Tristearin; Trioctadecanoin; Glycerol tristearate; Glyceryl tristearate
CAS Number 555-43-1
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