What are section club seats?

What are section club seats?

All club sections feature seats that are wider than those found in the rest of the stadium. Additionally, these seats are cushioned for superior comfort. When you’re not watching the game from your over-sized chair, you’ll probably be headed towards the stadium club lounge that your ticket gives you access to.

What is a club box seat?

Unlike traditional seating; however, each Club Box features a lounge area with drink rails, comfortable furniture and a private bar. Fans seated here will also have access to private restrooms and the ability to coordinate additional amenities with a concierge. Super Boxes.

What is included with Putnam Club seats?

The perks for the Putnam Club include the following.

  • Padded leather seats.
  • The best views of the field in the entire stadium.
  • Access to the climate-controlled Putnam Club.
  • Ticket holders have access to the Putnam Club three hours before kickoff.
  • Floor to ceiling glass walls.
  • HD televisions and video walls in the lounge area.

What are club level seats at Ball Arena?

The main club level lounge features plenty of seating, televisions and views of the city. Looking towards club seats on the east end of Ball Arena, including sections 242-246. Each of these sections has just four rows of seats, making them a top choice among fans who prefer not to walk many stairs.

What is club level seating at Gillette Stadium?

The Gillette Stadium club seats also known as the Putnam Club is the exclusive club of Gillette Stadium. Patriots East Suites are numbered from 11 to 30 and Patriots West Suites are numbered from 61 to 80. These suites are for private use and include amenities such as a variety of food, drink and catering options.

Are club level seats good at Gillette Stadium?

The best seats at Gillette Stadium is often a debate between being close to the field or being on the club level. For those who prefer an excellent view and exclusive amenities, the Putnam Club is usually the answer. Sections CL6-CL13 and CL28-CL35 are Putnam Club sections.