What does EPR stand for in Trophon?

What does EPR stand for in Trophon?

The sonicated hydrogen peroxide system (trophon® EPR) is an automated high level disinfection device designed for ultrasound probes.

How do you purge a Trophon?

Before moving the device. In this case, you will need to select MENU using the soft key button underneath the display screen and then select PURGE. While a purge is running, the trophon EPR cannot be used for HLD. A purge cycle typically takes 35 minutes to complete, but can take up to 100 minutes.

What is the Trophon system?

trophon® EPR is a high level disinfection system that is fast and simple. Disinfection takes place in an automated, closed system and uses a vaporized hydrogen peroxide solution.

How long is a Trophon cycle?

System Specifications Cycle Time 7 minutes Cycle Verification Via User Screen, Chemical Indicator and Electronic Log. Ordering is simple. Order your Trophon EPR system, accessories, and consumable supplies with the method most convenient for you.

How do you clean vaginal probes?

After removal of the transducer cover (when applicable), use running water to remove any residual gel or debris from the transducer. Use a damp gauze pad or other soft cloth and a small amount of mild nonabrasive liquid soap (household dishwashing liquid is ideal) to thoroughly cleanse the transducer.

How long does a Trophon take to disinfect?

Simply smarter ultrasound probe disinfection in 7 minutes Disinfection takes place in an automated, closed system and uses a vaporized hydrogen peroxide solution.

How do you disinfect a ultrasound probe?

Wipe the probe with a probe-compatible low-level disinfection (LLD) quaternary ammonium-, hydrogen peroxide-, or bleach-based wipe, or with a soft cloth sprayed with one of those disinfectants.

What is Trophon chemical indicator?

The trophon Chemical Indicator responds to a combination of specified time, disinfectant dosage and disinfectant concentration. These critical parameters need to be met for the chemical indicator to change to a pass colour.

Do I need to wash off ultrasound gel?

If large amounts of ultrasound gel are present, wipe off using a dry paper towel. Thoroughly clean all external magnet surfaces using either a soft cloth dampened with cleaner or a premoistened wipe for at least 30 seconds. Water (room temperature from potable water source) or isopropyl alcohol is acceptable.

How do they clean vaginal ultrasound?

Usually special bactericidal, levurocidal and virucidal wipes or special submersion disinfection methods are available for disinfecting the vaginal ultrasound probes 11. Using special virucidal wipes on the probes is considered low-level disinfection.

How does a Trophon 2 work?

trophon’s high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations generate a ‘sonically activated’, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) mist that kills bacteria, fungi and viruses. trophon’s unique automated system uses ultrasonic vibration to convert high concentration hydrogen peroxide into mist particles.

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