What does Nikolai say in the enemy of my enemy?

What does Nikolai say in the enemy of my enemy?

Just shut up and land the bloody plane! We’re on our way! Nikolai: Вот дерьмо!

How did Captain Price end up in the gulag?

However, the raid went awry and the strike force was overwhelmed by dozens of Ultranationalist soldiers. The team escaped via a V-22 Osprey, with the exception of Price, who was captured while covering the team’s escape. This then led to The Gulag, where Price was known as Prisoner #627.

Do you have the DSM we got it sir good thats one less loose end?

Shepherd: Do you have the DSM? Ghost: We got it, sir! Shepherd: Good. That’s one less loose end.

Do not trust Shepherd quote?

We’re under attack by Shepherd’s men in the boneyard! Soap, hold the left flank! Do not trust Shepherd! I say again, do not trust Shepherd!

Who is Rook in mw2?

Rook was an Australian member of Task Force 141. He participated in the mission to bring down Vladimir Makarov at the U.S. Vehicle Disposal Yard 437, 160 miles southwest of Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Who said the enemy of the enemy is my friend?

The first recorded instance for this phrasing comes from Gabriel Manigault, who in his 1884 Political Creed described the sense that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” as a “natural feeling.”

What does DSM stand for in Call of Duty?


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Act III Contingency · Second Sun · Whiskey Hotel · Loose Ends · The Enemy of My Enemy · Just Like Old Times · Endgame
Bonus Level Museum
Scrapped International Space Station · Roadkill · Downtown LA · Tulsa · Dry Dock

Why did General Shepherd betray Task Force 141?

Having now obtained what he needed to cement his status as a war hero, the ruthless officer betrayed Task Force 141 in an attempt to destroy any links to his treacherous actions including his connection to Allen’s death so he could bring Makarov down himself.

What does Captain Price say when soap dies?

Soap pulls Price to speak his last words. Captain John “Soap” MacTavish dies. Price: Oh, no, no, no no no! SOAP!