What trees are in the Pine Barrens NJ?

What trees are in the Pine Barrens NJ?

The most common trees are the jack pine, red pine, pitch pine, blackjack oak, and scrub oak; a scattering of larger oaks is not unusual. The understory includes grasses, sedges, and forbs, many of them common in dry prairies, and rare plants such as the sand-plain gerardia (Agalinis acuta).

What pine trees grow in New Jersey?

Eastern White Pine (Pinus strobus L.) Common names: Northern white pine,

  • Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda L.) Height: 90-100 ft occasionally 110 ft.
  • Pitch Pine (Pinus rigida Mill.) Common names: Candlewood, Torch..
  • Pond Pine (Pinus serotina Michx)
  • Red Pine (Pinus resinosa Aiton)
  • Shortleaf Pine (Pinus echinata Mill.)
  • What plants are in the Pine Barrens?

    The understory of Pine Barrens forests and stream-side vegetation are dominated by members of the Heath family of plants. Heaths of the Pine Barrens include Sheep and Mountain Laurels, Blueberries and Cranberries, Swamp Azalea, Bear Berry and Wintergreen.

    How many trees are in the Pine Barrens?

    Oak-pine forests (600 to 900 trees per acre) generally are less dense than pine-oak forests (1,100 to 1,200 trees per acre). The oak- pine forest canopy ranges from 35 to 50 feet high but in stands left unburned for a century or more, the trees may be 75 to 100 feet tall.

    Is white pine native to NJ?

    Most of the evergreen trees we see in developed areas are exotic, but some are native — at least to New Jersey if not to South Jersey. One such tree is white pine.

    Are pine trees native to New Jersey?

    Pitch Pine is a wildlife-friendly, New Jersey native, and is the dominant pine tree of the New Jersey Pine Barrens. This medium-sized, evergreen conifer features an irregular form. Bundles of three, yellowish-green, stiff needles sprout from branches, and sometimes from the trunk.

    Who owns the NJ Pine Barrens?

    Approximately 50 percent of the Pinelands National Reserve is owned publicly. This includes Municipal, County, State, and Federal holdings and facilities. The other 50 percent is privately owned and includes home owners, farmers, business, corporations, and nonprofit organizations.

    How fast does pitch pine grow?

    Best planted in the spring, pitch pine trees grow slowly, often taking between 20 and 30 years to reach maturity—1 foot of growth per year is typical. These long-lived trees can live well over a century.

    How many acres are the Pine Barrens?

    1.1 million acres
    The largest natural area on the Mid-Atlantic seaboard, the New Jersey Pine Barrens is a heavily forested area covering 1.1 million acres and its underground aquifers contain 17 trillion gallons of the purest drinking water in the country.