What would chloroplast represent in a house?

What would chloroplast represent in a house?

The CELL as a HOUSE The chloroplast is like the solar panels on a house because the solar panels use the sun’s energy to generate power for the house, like the chloroplast uses the sun’s energy to produce food for the cell.

What room in a house is like chloroplast?

The cell walls are like the other walls in the house that act as a support for the kitchen. The windows that let light into the kitchen are like chloroplast. They also hold heat when the glass gets really hot.

What is a good analogy for chloroplast?

solar panels
Chloroplasts are like solar panels because chloroplasts convert the sun’s energy into energy that can be used by cells like solar panels convert the sun’s energy into energy that can be used by a house.

What is the cell analogy of a house?

The nucleus of a cell is like your parents. Your parents control most of things that take place inside your house. The cytoskeleton of a cell can be compared to the walls of a house. The walls of a house are similar to the cytoskeleton of a cell because they provide support for a house.

What would the chloroplast be in a school?

The Cell Wall is like the beams in a school because it provides the school support. The Chloroplast is like the cafeteria in a school because it is where the students in a school get their energy. The Large Central Vacuole is like a swimming pool because it stores water for the swim team.

How can a cell relate to a house?

The cell membrane regulates what goes in and out of the cell, the front door of a house is where everything comes in and out of the house. The mitochondrion is the powerhouse of the cell. Electricity provides energy for the house. The cell wall protects, supports and gives structure to the cell.

What is cytoplasm in a house?

Brick Wall(Cytoplasm)-Holds the organelles/furniture and people, inside of it, in place. Living Room(Nucleus)-The Living room is the main part/control center and contains the DNA/people. The people do most of their activities here.

How is a plant cell like a house?

It is in the middle of the cell, which is why it is also called the central vacuole. The central vacuole holds water and other food for the plant. The cell wall of a cell is like the walls of a house because the cell wall provides support for the cell, like the walls provide support for the house.

What would be the chloroplast of a plane?

The Chloroplast is like the fuel tanks of an airplane. The chloroplasts hold the chlorophyll and photosynthesis of a plant cell. In a plane the fuel tanks hold the fuel to power the plane just like the chlorophyll and photosynthesis I a plant cell.

What is a mitochondria analogy for a house?

The mitochondria in a house would be a stove because it breaks down nutrients and turns them into energy. Stoves cook food for us. Lysosomes are like trash cans because they dispose of wast in the cell like how we use the trash can to dispose of garbage around the house.

What would a chloroplast be in a city?

What company or place does the chloroplast resemble in a Cell City? Solar Power Plant b. Why do you think so? The chloroplast captures the sun’s energy and uses it to produces sugars which is used to power a cell as a solar power plant uses the sun’s energy to produce power for the city.

What cell organelle is like the doors house?

The cell membrane
The cell membrane regulates what goes into and out of the cell. In a house this is like the door.