Who is the director of the Philippine Heart Center?

Who is the director of the Philippine Heart Center?

Dr. Joel Abanilla

Address : 174, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Tel. No. : (02) 8925 2401
Email : [email protected]
URL : https://www.phc.gov.ph/index.php
Contact Person : Dr. Joel Abanilla Executive Director

Who built the Heart Center of the Philippines?

Architecture and design The hospital building was designed by Filipino architect Jorge Ramos in what has been described as a Brutalist style. It was built in 1975 with a reported cost of almost USD 50 million. It was co-founded by Dr.

What is the responsibilities of the Philippine Heart Center?

The PHILIPPINE HEART CENTER is the leader in upholding the highest standards of cardiovascular care, a self-reliant institution responsive to the health needs of the Filipino people. To provide compassionate and expert patient care. To provide world-class education and training.

What district is Philippine Heart Center?

Diliman District of Quezon City
The Philippine Heart Center (PHC) is seated on a 2.7 hectare lot at the corner of East Avenue and Matalino Street in the Diliman District of Quezon City.

Who built the Philippine Lung Center?

The building is identified with what is referred to as the Marcoses’ “edifice complex,” defined by architect Gerard Lico as “an obsession and compulsion to build edifices as a hallmark of greatness.”

How do I schedule an appointment at the Philippine Heart Center?

  1. For Scheduling: Please call Non-Invasive Lab at tel. no. 8925-2401 local 3140 or 3141.
  2. For strict compliance: Present doctor’s request form.

When was heart center built in the Philippines?

February 14, 1975
The Philippine Heart Center is a government corporation organized and existing under and by virtue of Presidential Decree No. 673. Inaugurated on February 14, 1975, the Philippine Heart Center was dedicated to the Filipino people as an institution committed to caring for patients with heart and related ailments.

Who built Lung Center of the Philippines?

Lung Center was developed and conceptualized during the late 70’s by the then Director of the Quezon Institute and later Minister of Health, the late Enrique M. Garcia, after consultation with then Human Settlements Minister and Metropolitan Development Authority Chairman, the First Lady Madame Imelda Romualdez Marcos.

Is Philippines heart Center Public or private?

government corporation
Philippine Heart Center. The Philippine Heart Center is a government corporation organized and existing under and by virtue of Presidential Decree No.

Who built Philippine Lung Center?

How much is ICU in Philippine Heart Center?

There are twenty-one nursing units, including 53 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds, 24 suites, 56 private rooms, a presidential suite, 74 semi-private rooms, 3 adult service wards, and a pediatric service ward. Its design of having 4 petals in each floor represents the 4 chambers of the human heart.

How much is a heart in the Philippines?

Conventional CABG 764,140.00 8 days
CABG with Single Valve Repair 959,936.00 8 days
CABG with Single Valve Replacement, Mechanical 1,075,836.00 8 days
CABG with Single Valve Replacement, Bio prosthetic 1,115,836.00 8 days

What are the services provided by Philippine Heart Center?

Some of the services provided by the medical-center are: Neurovascular Laboratory, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Vascular Center, Invasive Cardiology and CARDIAC REHABILITATION. Click on map to find directions to reach Philippine Heart Center.

Where is Philippine Heart Center located in Quezon City?

About Philippine Heart Center Philippine Heart Center is a Multi Speciality medical-center in Central, Quezon City. The medical-center is visited by multi speciality like Dr. Frederick S. Gabriel and Dr. Efren R. Vicaldo. The timings of Philippine Heart Center are: Mon to Sun: 8:00 AM-8:00 PM.

How to contact the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation?

Email Us: [email protected] Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PHIC)Accredited Health Care Provider Accreditation Canada PHC Transparency Seal PHC Citizen’s Charter 2021 Performance Governance System Islands of Good Governance Gender and Development FOI Certificate of Compliance

How do I contact the cardiac cardiology department?

Call Us Direct (02) 89252401 Admitting Local 2103 Cardiac Graphics Local 3140 Catheterization Lab Local 2130 Director’s Office Local 3200 Emergency Room