Who was Erastus Deaf Smith?

Who was Erastus Deaf Smith?

Erastus “Deaf” Smith (April 19, 1787 – November 30, 1837), who earned his nickname due to hearing loss in childhood, was an American frontiersman noted for his part in the Texas Revolution and the Army of the Republic of Texas. He fought in the Grass Fight and the Battle of San Jacinto.

Did Deaf Smith have children?

The Family of Erastus “Deaf” Smith Guadalupe and Erastus had four children: Susan (1823-1849), Gertrudes (1825-1868), Travis (1827-1833) and Simona (1829-1890). Gertrudes married Macario Tarin; they lived in Graytown, and are buried there.

What did Erastus Deaf Smith do for Sam Houston?

One of the largest counties in Texas is named for Captain Erastus “Deaf” Smith, a deaf man. Captain Smith was the leader of General Sam Houston’s scouts during the Texas Revolution, the war in which Texas won its freedom from Mexico. The county named in his honor is called Deaf Smith County.

Where Was Deaf Smith born?

Dutchess County, NYDeaf Smith / Place of birthDutchess County is a county in the U.S. state of New York. As of the 2020 census, the population was 295,911. The county seat is the city of Poughkeepsie. The county was created in 1683, one of New York’s first twelve counties, and later organized in 1713. Wikipedia

How old was Erastus when he became deaf?

Erastus (Deaf) Smith was born in Duchess County, New York, on April 19, 1787, the son of Chilaib and Mary Smith. At the age of eleven or twelve he moved with his parents to Natchez, Mississippi Territory. A childhood disease caused him to lose his hearing. Smith first visited Texas in 1817 but did not remain long.

When was Deaf Smith born?

April 19, 1787Deaf Smith / Date of birth
SMITH, ERASTUS — (“Deaf Smith”) – Born in New York State April 19, 1787, the son of Chiliab and Mary Smith. In 1798 his parents moved to Mississippi and settled near Natchez. Erastus first came to Texas in 1817, but remained only a short time and nothing is recorded of his trip.

Did Deaf Smith died of tuberculosis?

It was in 1837 at the home of a friend in Richmond, Texas that Deaf Smith succumbed to the disease he had taken with him into battle, “Consumption”. This remarkable man lived quite a life in fifty short years.

When was Erastus Deaf Smith?

Smith, Erastus [Deaf] (1787–1837).

What is deaf Smiths real name?

Erastus Smith
1:122: ‘Erastus Smith (known as “Deaf” Smith because he was hard of hearing) was the son of Chiliab and Mary Smith, born in New York on the 19th of April, 1787. At the age of eleven years he emigrated with his parents to the Mississippi territory and settled near Natchez.

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The news whips through the mob: “That’s Frank Hamer!” And with that the mob slinks away like the cowardly beast that it is, deprived of its courage and bravado by the presence of just one man, Frank Hamer, the toughest Texas Ranger that ever lived.

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